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General George S. Patton said that "a pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood".  It is with that in mind that we provide tough, realistic scenarios for our clients.  We customize every exercise to your needs. Tactical Sciences has Homeland Security Master Exercise Planners and HSEEP certified individuals who will ensure that you can maximize your training dollars. We can incorporate the entire non linear operational environment into our exercises.  An extensive consultant base provides a depth of real world experience that ensure the quality of the program.  Our exercises have no pre-determined "right answer".  This company is focused on having experienced, educated individuals who have the mental agility required to ensure your mission success.  You tell us your mission requirements, time, and location.  We ensure you can respond and focus on the mission!


All individuals in the company are HAZMAT Technicians with real world response experience.  Our exercises are designed around real world incidents and responses that emphasize readiness and response.  


Every member of Tactical Sciences has real world medical experience! From the street to the hospital we can challenge everyone.  This skill set is often overlooked until something bad happens.  Our training makes sure you are prepared for the worse.  Paramedics to Physicians are on staff to provide critical experience to ensure realistic training.


Staffed not only with HAZMAT Technicians but also formally educated Chemists from Bachelor Degrees to PhD of Chemistry.  We provide contact to these experts for all training events based on the scenarios.


EOD Operators with combined decades of real world experience in domestic/overseas theaters are staffed to ensure the utmost accuracy and real world feasibility of all scenarios. 


Biological emergencies can be incredibly frustrating  in the response setting. We minimize this frustration by having professional Biologists with real world response experience design our Biological scenarios based on your mission needs.


Exercise that have a tactical focus will be staffed by LE Officers who are active members of local SWAT teams.  In addition former Special Operators from the US Military can be brought in to design and discuss missions in difficult scenarios.


Radiological terrorism is an ever increasing possibility in the modern world.  We provide tough scenarios that stress the importance of isotope identification, mitigation, decontamination, and treatment. Nuclear Counter Proliferation Officers (FA 52) are part of the team and perform exercise proofing.


Fire Fighters provide the backbone of this company.  The vast majority have decades of service and are certified HAZMAT Technicians, Paramedics, and Technical Rescue Operations.  

These are 2 short videos of a laboratory set up from a recent event.

The lab setups we utilize are fully functioning and realistic.  The physical properties of items mimic, in a safe way, the actual products that would be found.  All of our labs utilize working processes and precursors.  We always have real samples for your team to sample and get real readings on your equipment.  We have samples for use downrange or that can be front loaded to your Lab. This particular lab has over 20 different sample locations.

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