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All the members of Tactical Sciences have seen the benefit of high quality, challenging training over our careers.  It is with this mindset that we offer the highest quality education available.  There are a multitude of companies that offer "training" on different areas.  What makes us different is we offer training based on real world experience. Any training we offer will also come with the associated course completion to standards set in accordance with FEMA, NFPA, Pro Board, DHS, NIOSH, NAEMT, or OSHA. Our instructors maintain required professional certifications and continuing education requirements.  Our goal is to make sure you are ready to respond to real world missions the day after our courses end.

All of the Tactical Sciences Programs are scaleable and mobile.  We come to you with the mission package you request. We can facilitate training nationwide with any of our training partners. Same quality, different location! 

Incident Command/Observer Controller

All members of Tactical Sciences are well versed in the Incident Command System (ICS), National Incident Management System (NIMS) and External Evaluations.  Our ICS Team have completed multiple courses in the ICS and NIMS, as well as performing duties as Incident Commanders (IC) for real world responses! Whether you need your exercise designed from the ground up or just need an IC for a pre-planned event, we can support your success.

Atmospheric Challenges Course

The Tactical Sciences Atmospheric Monitoring course is used to expand on critical thinking that is a foundation of HAZMAT.  We will generate 10 different atmospheres over 2-4 days.  Your team members can then use their equipment to determine hazards and appropriate responses. Critical thinking is emphasized throughout the course.  

All atmospheres generated are "real world", but contained.  Minimal PPE is required.


HAZCAT is a fundamental methodology for identifying risks and unknowns in the modern HAZMAT world.  Our 4 day course teaches the fundamentals and principles needed for success.  Our HAZCAT kits have a long shelf life and do not need a library loaded! More importantly the knowledge and information taught moves through multiple modalities in the HAZMAT realm.

Rope Rescue Technician

The Rope Technician module consists of at least 80 hours of intensive classroom and hands on training and evaluation designed to cover the material in Chapters 5 and 6 of NFPA 1006 Standard for Technical Rescuer Qualifications (2009)

The class includes all level II technical rescuer requirements except 5.2.6, helicopter support functions.  This could be added as an additional day with coordination.

This course is delivered over 10 days.  Workdays can be 8 to 10 hours long depending on the class size and the topic of the day.  There will be classroom training on the first day.  The remainder of the training will be hands on field work at sites that are representative of potential rescues in the area.  Check off sheets are used to track and evaluate the student’s progress and participation in the training.  A field exercise/rescue simulation will take place at the end of the program.

Confined Space Technician


The Confined Space Rescue course is designed to meet the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.146 Permit Required Confined Spaces and NFPA 350.  Intensive classroom and hands-on training dominate the course.  Depending on the needs of your group; the course is custom-tailored to your requirements and can cover mission specific needs. Topics include entrant and attendant responsibilities; lock-out / tag-out responsibilities; atmospheric monitoring; and confined space rescue responsibilities.  Contact us today to discuss specific needs of your unit/group.

Structural Collapse Technician
The structural collapse course is structured around the hands on skills of lifting and moving heavy objects, breaching and breaking concrete, metal cutting and burning, and structural collapse shoring.  Building, search, and victim marking systems, construction types, and collapse patterns are also covered.  Class scenarios will include a patient packaging and victim medical treatment component. The class information and skills meet NFPA 1006 requirements for Level II rescuer.   
Technical Rescue Technician
The Technical Rescue Technician class is 200 hours long and offers NFPA 1006 Level II training in Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Trench Rescue, Standing Water/Swift Water Rescue, and Structural Collapse. It is a comprehensive course that was modeled from the course developed and used by one of the largest fire departments in the nation.  Technicians trained using this model have been responding as part of National Response Task Forces for over two decades.  We can bring this and all of our outstanding training programs to you and tailor it to meet your mission requirments.





All members of out team are experienced medical professionals, from Medics to Physicians. We bring decades of hard earned "street" experience to our training that can not be replicated.  One of our principles is to ensure medical response is included in all of our training.  We scale our training to ensure that no one is over there head or under stimulated! All members are qualified in Tactical Combat Casualty Care or Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TCCC/TECC). Every member maintains proficiency and certification in their respective fields. We can offer TCCC/TECC certifications with all of our packages.

Equipment Needs

Tactical Sciences recognizes the specialized and intensive

equipment required to perform mission response. It is with this that we are proud to partner with another highly knowledgeable, veteran owned, small business as our preferred equipment vendor.  OP Tactical based out of Raleigh, NC has been in the business of outfitting success for over 14 years. Tactical Sciences works in conjunction with OPTactical to make sure your unit has the Right Equipment, Right Time, Right Place. Don't take our word for it.  Read about OPTactical's mission here

AHS Logo.png since 1994, proudly supports Rope Access, Work at Height, Fire Rescue, Volunteer SAR, Rope Rescue, High Angle & Water Rescue by providing instruction and equipment from the most reputable manufacturer's available. Our experience working with professional organizations such as Phoenix Fire, DPS Air Rescue, SRP Power, Oxi Oil & Gas, American Rescue Concepts and many others has given us unique insight in helping solve challenges to their programs while creating new solutions for others. Dale Stewart, Owner, became closely associated with a movement of a few progressive and innovative professionals that believed their resources were capable of doing more to protect the public with respect to technical rescue. As an instructor and consultant Dale has played an important role in helping these visionaries design and build their technical rescue assets into some of the best in the country.

Training Collaboration
Tactical Sciences is proud to partner with world class facilities like the Disaster Management Institute (DMI).  Located on the Community College of Aurora campus in Aurora, CO.  The DMI is a world class facility offering extensive scenario based training.  Tactical Sciences is also partnered with DMI for medical training and simulations.




ARC Logo.png

It is the goal of American Rescue Concepts (ARC) LLC. to provide our clients the highest quality education, hands-on training, and services in the rescue industry. ARC specializes in permit required confined spaces and rope access. ARC teaches to OSHA, EPA, NIOSH and NFPA standards. Our instructors are the finest, most experienced in the rescue industry. ARC has developed a national cadre of instructors that have dedicated their professional lives to rescue, safety and education. Every ARC instructor actually practices the discipline that they teach and comes from a career in rescue and or hazardous materials services.

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