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Tactical Sciences was founded with the intent of providing the highest quality training, exercise design, and execution of intent available.  All of our team members are dedicated to ensuring that First Responders and Military Units receive the highest quality experiences available.  We have all seen the outcomes of poor education and underwhelming training.  We are dedicated to ensuring that every member of your team will be challenged!

Combined, our team has centuries of experience in difficult response scenarios.  We are committed to sharing, training, and challenging the next group stepping up to serve. 

Tactical Sciences is a veteran owned small business based out of Chandler, AZ.


Mika is the founder of Tactical Sciences. A retired Army Physician Assistant (PA-C) with a focus on pre hospital care.  His last duty assignment was with the 91st Civil Support Team (WMD) in Arizona.  He has been planning, coordinating, and executing complex, multi agency response exercises for 6 years.  He is a HAZMAT Technician, Tox Medic Instructor, Technical Rescue Technician, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care instructor. He has also graduated from a AZ POST certified SWAT training program. Prior to becoming a PA-C he was a Senior Non Commissioned Airborne Infantryman.


LTC (Ret) Rob "Skunk Ape" Seals is a emergency medicine physician assistant who spent 7 years on the 91st CST as both the PA and Deputy Commander.  His last assignment was at National Guard Bureau in Washington D.C. as the Chief, Clinical Operations.  He is a HAZMAT Technician, Tox Medic, TCCC certified PA who has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of ICS and NIMS. Prior to becoming a PA-C Rob was a Senior Non Commissioned Medic.

Mika Hakkarainen
Rob Seals
Tony Schock

Tony served in the U.S. Army for 28 years in which he functioned in multiple fields to include Military Intelligence, Special Forces, and Health Care.  His last 10 years of service was with the Colorado National Guard Civil Support Team as a Physician Assistant and Analytical Laboratory System Operator.  He has extensive experience working with both military and civilian response agencies throughout the United States.  Tony has a Master of Public Health with a concentration of Homeland Defense.  He has a particular interest with enhancing individual and organizational preparedness at all levels.

Gary retired from the Phoenix Fire Department as a Captain and Certified Paramedic after 33 years of service.  He is a Hazardous Materials Technician and Technical Rescue Technician.  He was a special operations Safety Officer and program manager of the PFD Special Operations Technical Rescue Technician 200-hour course.  As a member of AZTF1 he was deployed as a Rescue Team Manager, Rescue Squad officer and Rescue Specialist, and was a FEMA/USAR recognized lead instructor for structural collapse training.

Tony Schock
Gary Tigges

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Chris retired from the Fire Service after 32 years of service. He is a Hazard Materials Technician and a Technical Rescue Technician. As a member of the Phoenix Fire Dept and AZ TF-1, Chris has extensive experience in teaching multiple disciplines within the Special Operations/FEMA-USAR field.  As a FEMA/USAR recognized lead instructor, Chris has instructed in many disciplines including Structural Collapse, Technical Search, Logistics Specialist, Wide Area Search, and GPS operations.

Chris Newman

LTC(R) Russell Payne.  Russ retired from the Army after almost 32 years of service in the Ordnance, Chemical, Intelligence and Infantry Branches. He is a Master EOD Technician who is Tech Escort, HAZMAT, and Technical Rescue certified, as well as a Nuclear and WMD Counter-Proliferation Officer (FA-52) graduate. He spent 9 years with the 91st CST as Survey Team Leader, Operations Officer, Deputy Commander and Commander. He was the Deputy Commander of Joint Task Force Troy (Counter IED and EOD), and Retired as The Director of Military Support (J33) for the State of Arizona. A grizzled ICS and NIMS veteran, he spent most of his career focused in the Anti-Terrorism and WMD fields.

Russ Payne