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The mission of Tactical Sciences, LLC is to challenge and engage first responder agencies at the federal, state and local levels with the most safe, effective, and realistic training in both the classroom and the field.  Our comprehensive approach brings a staff with combined experience in excess of a century in the fields of Hazmat Science, Hazmat Medicine, Technical Ropes Rescue, CBRN/WMD response, Tactical/Military, Fire/EMS, and Law Enforcement.  These subject matter experts are at the peaks of their respective fields and bring extensive exercise and live incident response across the entire spectra of disaster and consequence management.  The Tactical Sciences team is fully committed to propagating this expertise within the first responder family and forging excellence for agencies we partner with in training. 

Tactical Sciences has done events across the nation for Civil Support Teams (CST), Homeland Response Forces (HRF), CBRN Enhanced Response Force Packages (CERF-P),

and State/Local agencies.  We will provide references from any event at your request.

Tactical Sciences offers a satisfaction guarantee.  If your team is unhappy with an event, we will come provide a second event at no cost. Our mission is to ensure your success!

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